Our Vision

“To establish as a well-known and respected Fashion House.”
Nhiseana sees the world in color; she is attracted to the manner in how colors reflect upon each other. The world of art and design has taught her to understand and respect the balance of color. Living in full-color is her real essence; it allows her to be her true self. It fuels her creative mind, sharpens her sight, and steady her hands to create.
Core Values
Quality Design
When creating our fashion line, we choose quality materials that we would want on our bodies. We source the best materials, fabric & hardware for our production line. We vet expert craftsmen that work meticulously to ensure the best end product. We defined the durability norm by designing products that last wash after wash. Our goal is to have clients draped in a final production piece that speaks to all who gaze upon it. We guarantee our unique statement pieces to leave a lasting impression.
Revolutionary Inclusivity
NAKS Nhiseana believes in removing the gap between "us" and "them" our band stands behind equality, inclusivity & respect for all collective uniqueness. We thrive on providing unparalleled access globally to all communities. We strive to bind the divided by reshaping things. We work to break barriers and boundaries within the industry by disturbing fashion norms. We consider ourselves change-makers; we are feet forward in this new emerging time of untraditional entrance into the once covet fashion industry.
Customer Service Excellence
We are fully committed to meeting our customers’ needs and providing a great buying experience. This starts with our easy-to-use secure online platform that will ensure your product's delivery quickly and reliably. We know our buyers; we keep them in mind in every aspect of our business model. It is important to surpass our customers' expectations by providing an engaging shopping experience.
Being unparalleled with what we do here at NAKS Nhiseana, we are determined to go that extra distance to provide exceptional service. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing an engaging experience. Inconsistency and uncertainty have no place in NAKS Nhiseana House.
Sincerely, Nhiseana & Nicholetta NAKS NHISEANA LLC contact@naksnhiseana.com