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Nhiseana Scholes - Her Story Building the Brand

Nhiseana Scholes knew she wanted to be a fashion designer at the age of nine after being shown a video in third grade on different art variations. The video touched on photography, sculpting, and finally, fashion design. You see, art has always been a place of solace for Nhiseana. She was most at ease whenever engaging with art; she knew from a young age art would be her career path. She then understood exactly what that path was; fashion was the form of creation she would pursue. That day she told her mother excitedly what she had learned. “Mommy Art is Fashion, and Fashion is Art! I want to be a fashion designer.” Nhiseana was always encouraged to stay on the path of perfecting her craft. Her mother ensured that she was always enrolled in numerous art classes, from painting to sewing. Nhiseana received her first sewing machine that same year for Christmas; since then, Nhiseana has been honing her craft. She started with making pillows and Barbie clothes, to making cute outfits for her family and friends. Nhiseana came up with her brand name at age ten, ‘NAKS,’ representing her initials; years later, she added NHISEANA for brand identity.

After some ups and downs, growth, and life happenings all around, NAKS is ready to share her creations with the world. Nhiseana plans to make NAKS Nhiseana a household name. Her mission is to scale up while keeping her inclusivity and sustainability values, creating a brand that conveys her uniqueness and vision. She is grateful for the journey she has undergone to be here and is looking forward to continuing on this voyage that she has embarked on since the third grade.


Nhiseana & Nicholetta are the founders and creative minds behind the brand; they are a continuous presence in the company. NAKS Nhiseana is a Black-Owned Apparel Fashion House impelled by a passion for excellence, love for all things beautiful, creative freedom, and an entrepreneurial spirit. NAKS NHISEANA LLC is a dynamic, driven, and inventive organization that is committed in our hearts and minds; we thrive on exceeding expectations. We believe in building loyalty and trust by dealing with each other and customers openly and honestly. NAKS NHISEANA LLC will serve as a trusted manufacturer and supplier and as a valued partner with its customers.

NAKS Nhiseana will design a mother-daughter duo collection in the near future, a great way to dress up your mini-version in skirts, headwear, shoes, hats & accessories, jackets, pajama pants, sleepwear, swimsuits, tops. A fashionable appropriate collection suitable for your look-alike

Our Mission

"To introduce cost-competitive top-of-the-line bespoke design to the marketplace."

NAKS Nhiseana's debut collection is called Oasis, a sporty-chic resort wear intended for the fashionforward women. NAKS Nhiseana is a Black-Owned Apparel brand designed, manufactured, and market internationally as a distinctive line of superior quality garments. Our bespoke apparel is not just a sportychic resort-style; NAKS Nhiseana designs are also edgy, sexy, sophisticated, a unique lifestyle brand. Here at NAKS Nhiseana House, we will promote measurable impact within societies while reshaping "BlackOwned Apparel" fashion halfway worldwide.

Our Vision 

“To establish as a well-known and respected Fashion House.”
Nhiseana sees the world in color; she is attracted to the manner in how colors reflect upon each other. The world of art and design has taught her to understand and respect the balance of color. Living in full-color is her real essence; it allows her to be her true self. It fuels her creative mind, sharpens her sight, and steady her hands to create.
Core Values
Quality Design
When creating our fashion line, we choose quality materials that we would want on our bodies. We source the best materials, fabric & hardware for our production line. We vet expert craftsmen that work meticulously to ensure the best end product. We defined the durability norm by designing products that last wash after wash. Our goal is to have clients draped in a final production piece that speaks to all who gaze upon it. We guarantee our unique statement pieces to leave a lasting impression.
Revolutionary Inclusivity
NAKS Nhiseana believes in removing the gap between "us" and "them" our band stands behind equality, inclusivity & respect for all collective uniqueness. We thrive on providing unparalleled access globally to all communities. We strive to bind the divided by reshaping things. We work to break barriers and boundaries within the industry by disturbing fashion norms. We consider ourselves change-makers; we are feet forward in this new emerging time of untraditional entrance into the once covet fashion industry.
Customer Service Excellence
We are fully committed to meeting our customers’ needs and providing a great buying experience. This starts with our easy-to-use secure online platform that will ensure your product's delivery quickly and reliably. We know our buyers; we keep them in mind in every aspect of our business model. It is important to surpass our customers' expectations by providing an engaging shopping experience.
Being unparalleled with what we do here at NAKS Nhiseana, we are determined to go that extra distance to provide exceptional service. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing an engaging experience. Inconsistency and uncertainty have no place in NAKS Nhiseana House.
Sincerely, Nhiseana & Nicholetta NAKS NHISEANA LLC contact@naksnhiseana.com