NAKS Nhiseana – Bringing You a Collection Infused with the Latest Trends

Fashion is a form of art and expression. It allows you to reveal your creative side and truly show the world a part of who you are.  Nhiseana Scholes, the beauty behind this brand understood this at a very young age and knew that art would be her career path in the future. The day she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer was a revolutionary one and NAKS Nhiseana is the result of her passion. The name of the brand was decided by her at the age of ten and she stayed true to it.

NAKS Nhiseana is all about showcasing her uniqueness and vision. Every piece from the collection is well thought out and something that you will not see anywhere else. From the prints to the design, everything stands out and makes the wearer feel confident and sexy.

Nhiseana & Nicholettaboth founders of the brand, joined hands and together the two powerful women brought a vision to life. NAKS Nhiseana is a black-owned fashion brand that focuses on creative freedom and creating designs that are not only on trend but also cost competitive.

The debut collection of the brand is called Oasis, a sporty but chic collection designed for fashion-forward women. With an aim to make a name in the fashion industry, the founders work day and night with passion and excitement to make sure they deliver on their promises.

No shortcuts are made while designing the pieces, the brand strongly believes in quality over quantity. Expert craftsmen work to deliver the best end product while still keeping the brand cost competitive. For all the ladies who want to stun everyone with their fashion statement, NAKS Nhiseana is where they should be shopping at!